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Tomorrow's Money began in 1993.

At that time, we provided classroom-style educational workshops for people on the verge of retirement. Larger employers in eastern Nebraska engaged us as a particular benefit for their employees. Otherwise, the general public attended the classes usually held on a college or university campus.

For the 20 years before that, our work was focused on writing individual and group pension and insurance contracts, and helping small business owners and their families develop estate plans with their attorneys, trust officers, and tax professionals.

Today, Tomorrow's Money serves employers and individuals who seek greater financial security. We follow a disciplined process which includes:

  • Measure risk tolerance
  • Design an allocation appropriate to that risk level
  • Avoid junk bonds and long-term bonds
  • Tilt slightly towards value stocks and small cap stocks
  • Adjust the design to match the time horizon
  • Adjust the design for tax efficiency
  • Avoid commissions, trading and agency costs
  • Diversify across 12,000+ stocks and 45 countries
  • Avoid trading except when rebalancing
  • Use contributions/withdrawals to aid rebalancing
  • Avoid pro-rata withdrawals
  • Rebalance with discipline
  • Online account access and transparency
  • Periodic reports and statements
  • Review at least annually to check for changed
  • goals, circumstances, needs, etc.

Our commitment is to put the client's best interests first and foremost.

We are an independent firm operating under an independent broker/dealer. We have no incentive to recommend one investment over another. We believe in full disclosure of any conflicts of interest, and avoid them where possible.

We work to make the client's experience convenient, simple and effective.

Clients benefit from state-of-the-art portfolio construction and ongoing management.

We strive for service excellence. We value long-term relationships.

We would not be a good fit for those who wish to speculate, employ leverage (margin) schemes, do-it-yourself investors, or for those who prefer to retain multiple (redundant) financial advisors.

We believe in the timeless principles of sowing and reaping, consistently applied.

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